For all Videos please go to the EdPuzzle link below to find the video that corresponds to the unit of study that you wish to review. 


Below are the copies of the video notes packet and practice packet if you have lost yours. You need to print these out, and bring each packet to class every day!

Final Review – Practice Booklet
Final Review – Video Notes Booklet

Practice Finals and Answer Keys:

Practice Final 1
Practice Final 1 ANS KEY

Practice Final 2
Practice Final 2 ANS KEY


Practice Quizzes and Answer Keys:

Quiz 1 (Units 1-3) Review
Quiz 1 (Units 1-3) Review ANS KEY

Quiz 2 Review (4-6)
Quiz 2 Review (4-6) ANS KEY


Practice Answer Keys by Unit:

Unit 1: Area & Perimeter Practice ANS KEY

Unit 2: Surface Area & Volume ANS KEY

Unit 3: Linear Equations ANS KEY

Unit 4: Triangles ANS KEY

Unit 5: Parallel Lines ANS KEY

Unit 6: Transformations ANS KEY

Unit 7: Right Triangle Trig Practice ANS KEY

Unit 8: Non-Right Triangle Trig Practice ANS KEY

Unit 9: Trig Graphs Practce ANS KEY

Mock Finals:

Mock Final Day 1
Mock Final Day 1 ANS KEY

Mock Final Day 2
Mock Final Day 2 ANS KEY

Mock Final Day 3
Mock Final Day 3 ANS KEY